Sunday, January 9, 2011

Health Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets

Magnetic bracelets work by using magnetic fields, which are generated by the earth's magnetism, solar storms, power lines, electrical devices, and even by the chemical reactions of the human body (within the cells and the nervous system). Studies have shown magnetic bracelets to have health benefits. With continued use, these include effects on physical and mental well-being.

1. Arthritis

Magnetic bracelets have been shown to hel joint, bone and muscle pains--the principal complaints of arthritic diseases. The magnetic property appears to supplement additional treatment to improve the well-being of the arthritis patient.

2. Headaches

Chronic headaches, especially migraines, can have a deep effect on quality of life. Some patients wearing magnetic bracelets have found decreases in the number of headaches or their severity.

3. Chronic Pain

It is thought that a negative magnetic field will normalize disturbed metabolic functions that cause certain painful conditions such as inflammation or cell degeneration.

4. Stress Relief

Magnetic bracelets have been thought to decrease stress and improve sleep. Magnetic fields put directly on top of the head have been proven even more useful for their calming effect.

5. Cancer

A 1974 study by Albert Roy Davis, Ph.D, showed magnets to kill cancer cells in animals. While there is no proof that it can cure cancer in humans, the use of magnetic bracelets has been recommended by some as an additional element in the treatment of cancer patients.

6. Considerations

There are many studies proving the benefits of magnetic bracelets. They may not actually cure diseases, but they seem to have no harm when used under a doctor's care in conjunction with other treatments for various ailments.


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